Policy Working Group

The policy group concentrates on policy issues and lobbying. This group is led by David Maguire, BNRG.

The group is currently focused on:

  • Consultation on the RESS detailed design prior to final design and submission to DG Comp

Grid Working Group

The grid working group focuses on grid issues and is led by Peter Kavanagh, Highfield Energy.

The group is currently focused on:

  • ECP-1 implementation
  • ECP-2 upcoming consultation
  • PR5 upcoming consultation
  • Connection standards (110kV specs,
    OHL clearances, containerised substations)
  • Flextech and hybrid connections
  • ECP-1 constraints management

Rooftop Working Group

The rooftop working group focuses on all areas concerning rooftop installations in Ireland and is led by Robert Goss, Solar Electric.

The group is currently focused on:

  • influencing policy and regulations on rooftop solar installations
  • disseminating information and promoting solar installations

Communications Working Group

The Communications working group focuses on communications for ISEA and the wider solar industry. It is led by Anne Arnold, Elgin Energy.

The group is currently focused on:

  • communication to members
  • communication with media and relevant industry bodies
  • organisation of the 2020 conference

If you would like to get involved with any of these working groups, please get in touch with ISEA.