Solar installation could add £1,800 to house prices – as it’s revealed half of homeowners would consider installing if green finance was available

  • A new survey commissioned by Solar Energy UK finds that nearly half of homeowners would consider installing solar panels to their homes if green finance was available
  • Research coincides with comprehensive report into the value of solar on UK properties, which reveals that installation could knock nearly a third of the cost of an average annual energy bill and increase house values by nearly £2,000
  • Young homeowners prioritise environmental improvements to homes

Today, Solar Energy UK launches a comprehensive report surrounding the financial value of installing a solar energy system to generate renewable electricity. The report, The Value of Solar Property, found solar systems could increase a home’s sale price by around £1,800. This is nearly half of the up-front installation cost, meaning solar now more than ever is an appealing option financially, as well as being good for the environment.

The report also found that for a typical house in the UK, solar could generate annual running cost savings of nearly £330 over the lifespan of the system – nearly a third off the cost of an average energy bill*.

These economic benefits are also only likely to increase as the UK adopts electric heating and transport, such as heat pumps and electric vehicles. The organisation is urging financial service providers to put more green finance products on the market to meet the likely increased future demand.

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Source: Solar Energy UK