RISING COSTS Energy costs to soar as customers expected to pay around €200 extra a year with ‘more green energy’ needed as solution

Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA) say that the recent surge in electricity prices is the consequence of failing to support the renewable energy sector.

Conall Bolger CEO of ISEA said the spate of electricity suppliers increasing their prices highlights systemic problems within Ireland’s energy policies. “We remain over reliant on fossil fuels, in particular natural gas, to provide our electricity.

“Internationally gas prices have surged in recent months and Irish consumers have no protection against this.

“We need a locally generated renewable alternative, or consumers will continue paying the price.”


With an increase in Carbon Tax signalled for Budget 2022, consumers now face the dual pressures of increased heating bills alongside these electricity rises.

He said: “The government seem intent on increasing using carbon tax on domestic heating bills.

“Unfortunately, the use of this ‘stick’ cannot deliver effective climate action, which needs households to switch to electric heating, without the availability of renewable energy as an alternative ‘carrot’

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Source: The Sun