RESS-1 Provisional Auction Results Launched by EirGrid

RESS 1 is the first Renewable Electricity Support Scheme by the Government of Ireland and is a pivotal component of the Government’s Climate Action Plan. RESS 1 uses a competitive auction process to determine which generators receive support. For projects that are successful in the RESS 1 Auction, this support typically applies for approximately 15 years.

Action Number 28 of the Climate Action Plan 2019 addresses the design and implementation of RESS. The action calls on the need to increase the volumes and frequencies of RESS auctions to deliver on the 70% renewable electricity target by 2030,ensuring an appropriate community/enterprise mix to achieve an efficient delivery of renewables. RESS 1 is the first step in this important component of the Climate Action Plan.

The RESS1Auction ran as per the RESS 1 Auction Time table following the Auction Submission Closing Dateon the 28/07/20. The aim of this document is to publish the provisional auction results determined by EirGrid in respect of the RESS 1 Auction,as set out in Section 9.4 of the RESS 1 Terms and Conditions.

The Provisional Auction Results are subject to approval and the reserved rights of the Minister for Communication, Climate Action and Environment as set out in Section 10 of the RESS 1 Terms and Conditions.

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