Quantifying the Potential for Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic in Ireland

This report is being published at an inflection point for both energy producers and consumers.

Energy bill increases have been compounded by the war in Ukraine and its impact on fossil markets. Irish citizens will be entitled to payment for exporting power they generate themselves and rooftop solar planning restrictions are due to be eased. The EU Solar Energy Strategy sets out a growth trajectory for solar PV with provision for all new residences to have rooftop solar PV from 2029.

As this analysis shows, there are significant potential financial savings for people from their rooftops. Beyond the positive impact on bills, solar PV provides an option for people to directly participate in the battle against climate change. Solar panels could be the entry point for many people on their sustainability journey.

About 24,000 homes have already begun this transition. As this report shows, the rooftops of Ireland have substantial potential. Many jobs will be needed to deliver this solar opportunity. These roles traverse a range of activities across the trades and business. These are purposeful jobs with real meaning.

Enabling participation in the energy transition will only not create employment, but ensure that people are included in Ireland’s decarbonisation journey.

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