The ISEA Executive Committee has formed the view that it would be in the best interests of the Association and its members to change the status of the Association from its current status of an unincorporated body, to that of a company limited by guarantee (CLG). The primary benefit of this being that all members would henceforth have the comfort of not having potential personal liability for any of the liabilities of the Association.  As part of this process, it is envisaged that all assets and liabilities of the Association would transfer to the new CLG, further to which it is proposed that current unincorporated body would be dissolved.

The above requires the sanction of the ISEA members and, to that end, please note that an EGM shall be held on Wednesday 10 February at 11am. The resolutions to be tabled are as follows:

Resolution 1

That the assets and liabilities of the Irish Solar Energy Association (being an unincorporated body) be transferred to Solar Energy Developers Ireland Company Limited by Guarantee and that the ISEA Executive Committee be authorised to undertake all necessary associated steps and actions on behalf of the membership of ISEA to achieve this.

Resolution 2

That, upon completion of the transfer of assets and liabilities referenced at Resolution 1 above completing, the Association (i.e. the unincorporated body) be dissolved.

Subject to the above resolutions being passed by those in attendance, unless ISEA is notified to the contrary by any member(s), it shall be assumed that all existing and paid up ISEA members are satisfied to be deemed members of the new CLG.



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