Point Load Power releases latest version of flat rooftop solar tracker

Point Load Power announced the launch of its flagship technology, PV Booster Gen 2, a rooftop tracking system designed to maximize solar production from monofacial and bifacial solar panels, producing up to 70% more energy per panel compared to fixed-tilt rooftop mounting solutions. This advancement in solar performance means that building owners, occupants and project integrators … Read more

Six-junction solar cell sets two world records for efficiency

Scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have fabricated a solar cell with an efficiency of nearly 50%. The six-junction solar cell now holds the world record for the highest solar conversion efficiency at 47.1%, which was measured under concentrated illumination. A variation of the same cell also set the efficiency record under one-sun … Read more

Recently discovered molecule could significantly boost solar cell power

In the search for more efficient solar cells, researchers in Japan have found that a recently discovered molecule, important in a plant’s ability to photosynthesise sunlight, could also reap rewards for solar cells. Among photosynthetic pigments, chlorophyll is the most crucial one as it captures light energy and converts photons into electrons as a source … Read more

Breakthrough solar cell sets two world records for efficiency

Scientists at the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have published findings to Nature Energy on a new solar cell concept with enormous potential. The six-junction cell achieved a solar conversion efficiency of 47.1pc under concentrated illumination, creating a new world record. A second record was also achieved with efficiency of 39.2pc under one-sun illumination. To construct … Read more

New renewable energy capacity hit record levels in 2019

Almost three-quarters of new electricity generation capacity built in 2019 uses renewable energy, representing an all-time record. New data from the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) shows solar, wind and other green technologies now provide more than one-third of the world’s power, marking another record. Fossil fuel power plants are in decline in Europe and the US, with … Read more

The future looks bright for solar energy

Over the past decade, the cost of solar has fallen dramatically. New technologies promise to increase efficiency and lower costs further. Solar energy will soon be unbeatable compared to fossil fuels. Solar energy has come a long way in a decade. Back in 2010, the global market was small and highly dependent on subsidy regimes … Read more

SEAI Announce New Solar PV Scheme for 2020

A new scheme has been introduced that offers homeowners up to €3,000 towards the cost of installing solar photovoltaics for producing electricity in their own home. Solar photovoltaics helps reduce the amount of electricity you use from the grid by converting energy from the sun into electricity. Solar photovoltaics panels do not heat your house … Read more

Butterfly concerns delay solar farm planning decision

Concerns around the fate of the Small Skipper and Marsh Fritillary butterflies have delayed An Bord Pleanala making a ruling on plans for a large scale solar farm for Co Kildare. An Bord Pleanala was due to make a decision on the Bord na Móna and the ESB application in recent days. The two are planning the solar farm project across a … Read more