About Us

ISEA was established in 2013 to advance a policy and regulatory landscape promoting solar as a leading renewable energy technology that will decarbonise Ireland's electricity system, and contribute to a successful and strong clean economy.

ISEA is the leading voice for the Irish solar industry. We work closely with policy makers, network companies and other significant stakeholders to advance the solar agenda on behalf of our members.

As members of Solar Power Europe, ISEA works with their European peers to drive the solar agenda at the highest levels in Brussels from the Commission to the various Directorate Generals.

ISEA champions the fight against climate change and will lead the way towards Ireland meetings its 2030 renewable energy targets.

ISEA Mission Statement

ISEA is committed to delivering 6GW (5GW utility scale and at least 1GW of customer scale) solar between now and 2030. We will lead the way in driving the energy transition by working with stakeholders and Government to decarbonise the electricity system. We will champion the solar industry, on behalf of our members, to policymakers and the public to highlight the benefits that solar brings.